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Plane Rental Insurance & Other Coverages to Consider

Larry Rachlin, Inc in South Orange, New Jersey, knows the ins and out of aviation, from the importance of plane rental insurance to ensuring your policy includes a pilot warranty. Get an idea of what to look for in your coverage the next time you fly. We'll help you figure out your operating expenses, liability coverage, and insurance policies.

Know the Aircraft Owner

According to the F.A.A. Title papers, the owner of the aircraft is the registered owner. For example, a corporation with only a single stockholder is the registered owner of an aircraft. Should the stockholder fly the airplane and pay the corporation an hourly charge, he then becomes a renter pilot.

Conceivably the stockholder could damage the aircraft, wind up with no defense of suit under the liability portion, and be responsible for paying the insurance company for physical damage loss. Why? In this case, the owner of the aircraft is the corporation, not the pilot. Knowing with whom you're flying and who owns the aircraft can protect you down the road.

Determine Your Expenses

Insurance agencies tend to define expenses differently, while some have no definition at all. Other policies define expenses exactly. You may be reimbursed for operating expenses, but not direct operating expenses. Please read your policy to determine what is allowable.

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Insurance When Renting an Aircraft

When you rent an aircraft, you may be interested in rental insurance. Consider these questions to determine if you should purchase insurance:

• Do You Have Any Coverage From the FBO?
• Did You Sign Anything or Do Your Sign Any Agreement When You Rent?
• What Is the Value of the Aircraft You Are Flying?

Inquire with your FBO about liability coverage and if they offer insurance for aircraft rentals. Some FBOs will have a liability extension to the renting pilot, usually $100,000 total coverage.


If there is any doubt about a pilot's practical experience, ask them to show you their log. Always review the Use Warranty and the Pilot Warranty on your policy and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.